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After three years of data on thousands of sales across the country, EnergySage has gleaned a lot of best practices from the most successful solar installers in its marketplace. CEO Vikram Aggarwal is going to be sharing most of them at the Solar Business Boot Camp in Philadelphia April 24-25 – both as the keynote speaker and as part of an educational session on reducing Customer Acquisition Costs.

Here are seven of his best practices for your solar installation company to implement right away, but be sure to register and attend at the Solar Business Boot Camp for much more.

  1. Create a terrific online presence. A completed profile and lots of positive reviews are the building blocks of your future success.
  2. Give customers what they want. Most solar shoppers on EnergySage input specific preferences when joining. Be respectful of their preferences, whether it’s interest in a type of panel or their request to communicate via online messages instead of telephone.
  3. Be as responsive as possible. If a customer sends you a message or calls and leaves a voicemail, try to respond within the same business day.
  4. Every word you write matters. Everything you write online will leave a big impression. Proofread twice before submitting.
  5. Don’t bash the competition. Solar technology is still very new to the majority of shoppers, and criticizing certain manufacturers or installers will only lower the consumer’s confidence in the industry as a whole. Instead, be positive and reinforce why you’re the best company for the job.
  6. Absolutely no hard sales tactics. Solar shoppers join EnergySage specifically because they want to avoid the pushy sales tactics of door-to-door salesmen. Instead, be a helpful advisor. This has been proven to increase their likelihood of going solar by 5 to 10 times.
  7. Utilize good time management. Spending more than 30 minutes to upload a quote is too long. Spend most of your time with the leads that engage with you, but don’t forget to follow up with everyone.

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